Anchor HealthXchange strives to provoke discussion around healthcare and raise awareness to relevant sectors people are  talking about.  Our current 2020 Talent Development Series is focused on “Fortifying Your Talent Workforce”.

When selected, your talk may be filmed, featured in a webinar and highlighted on our website and other social media channels such as YouTube. If you believe your “voice” will be beneficial to our organization and to like-minded individuals, please begin the registration process below. Please include:

  • Your website address, if applicable so that we can dig a little further on you if needed.
  • A link to your book or articles you have written, relevant to your proposed speaking topic.
  • A list of previous colleges and/or conferences you’ve presented at if any.

Our marketing team will schedule a 15 minute time for you answer a few questions about yourself, why you’re uniquely qualified to speak during our Talent Development Series, and your speaking ambitions.