“Fortifying Your Home Care Workforce”


The Anchor Group, through its HealthXchange division, will be executing a series of events focused on enhancing home care talent development under the theme – “Fortifying Your Home Care Workforce”

 The activities unpacked through a series of events engaging industry leaders, regulators, managed long-term-care agencies, government regulators, and long-term care agencies; investigate, develop, and engage techniques that will enhance their home care paraprofessional workforce—home health aides, housekeepers, and personal care assistants.  Throughout 2020, the Anchor Group will host several events and activities in collaboration with its partners to engage meaningful conversation to explore solutions to enhance the home care workforce.

2020 Events’ Schedule

The 2020 Talent Development Series has seven planned events: We have chosen to focus on home care workers (HCWs) given their contributions to NYC Healthcare infrastructure and continuous care support for seniors and disabled individuals.

Anchor Group’s Track Record

Founded in 2009, Anchor Group offers tailored services to businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. We help our clients to define and hone winning strategies, drive revenue growth, and optimize their operations for sustainable success.

The Anchor Group (www.anchorgroupcorp.com) first made its mark in the conference space with Go Caribbean! International Business & Investment Expo, which launched in 2014, had an annual average of 400 attendees at its series of events and reached an estimated 25,000 Caribbean Americans through its promotional activities over its two-year run. Sponsors for the Go Caribbean! Expos included JetBlue, Capital One, Consolidated Edison (Con Edison), NYC Small Business Solutions, and New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).


CareStar Awards 2021

The CareStar Awards  were created to recognize and highlight the work and contributions of the home care aides and bring greater awareness to the importance of the home care industry to the New York medical ecosystem.  Shinning the light on home health aides is critical to the sustenance of the industry, recognizing their invaluable work and commitment to the delivery of quality care to clients and their families.  The awards will:

  • Spotlight the work and contributions of home care workers in NYC and Long Island
  • Serve as a platform to further raise awareness and educate NYC residents about home care and support the acceptance of home care into the homes of more aging and disabled individuals
  • Support long-term care agency in their efforts to maintain and strengthen a stable workforce
  • Create additional advocacy for the home care industry



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