“Fortifying Your Home Care Workforce”

Anchor HeathXchange was joined by healthcare influiencers and industry professionals in laucnhing our Home Care Development Series on June 16, 2020. Be sure to reference our schedule and join out mailing list.


The Anchor Group, through its HealthXchange division, will be executing a series of seven (7) events focused on enhancing home care talent development under the theme – “Fortifying Your Home Care Workforce”

 The activities unpacked through a series of events that engage industry leaders, regulators, managed long-term-care agencies, government regulators, and long-term care agencies; investigate, develop, and engage techniques that will enhance their home care paraprofessional workforce—home health aides, housekeepers, and personal care assistants.  Throughout 2020, the Anchor Group will host several events and activities in collaboration with its partners to engage meaningful conversation to explore solutions to enhance the home care workforce.

Our event series promotes discussion on best-practices for improved alignment of workforce with long-term care agency’s strategies and regulatory expectations for value-based payment and quality of care.

The 2020 Talent Development Series has seven planned events:

We have chosen to focus on home care workers (HCWs) given their contributions to NYC Healthcare infrastructure and continuous care support for seniors and disabled individuals.

MEET OUR SPEAKERS (Previous and Upcoming)

The event offers an opportunity for more dialogue about the types of structure, training, and support required to position the workforce to achieve VBP goals.

COVID-19 has reiterated that we cannot continue to operate without more substantial strategic and operational plans and integrated technology.  The survival of the home care sector is connected to the quality of its talent—agencies have to institute the right systems to onboard, nurture, and retain the best talent.  Some agencies and collaborators see the value-based approached to care delivery as another burdensome legislative mandate.  However, my organization posits that value-based should become integral to every agencies’ growth plan—the value-based approach is a winning strategy.  Over time, a valued-based centric agency will:

  • Become more efficient—reducing waste and increasing productivity;
  • Build brand loyalty and recognition as customers receive better care;
  • Increase talent retention—especially the home care workers as they are recognized and treated with more respect.

We’ll focus on how to use technology to strengthen productivity and operational efficiencies of the home care talent

There are numerous existing and pending changes in the home care landscape, this will be an opportunity to hear from directly, and talk with, the legislators driving these changes.

Value-based care is a buzz word in the industry, and only a few home care agencies, health insurance companies, and health care providers have been able to truly translate, implement, and communicate this to their stakeholders.

event offers

CareStar 2021 AWARD LAUNCH

The CareStar Awards  were created to recognize and highlight the work and contributions of the home care aides and bring greater awareness to the importance of the home care industry to the New York medical ecosystem.  Shinning the light on home health aides is critical to the sustenance of the industry, recognizing their invaluable work and commitment to the delivery of quality care to clients and their families.  The awards will:

  • Spotlight the work and contributions of home care workers in NYC and Long Island
  • Serve as a platform to further raise awareness and educate NYC residents about home care and support the acceptance of home care into the homes of more aging and disabled individuals
  • Support long-term care agency in their efforts to maintain and strengthen a stable workforce
  • Create additional advocacy for the home care industry


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