Our Products

Over the years, we have learned what matters to long-term care businesses. The Anchor Group has designed its products with a clear understanding of the requirements of and changes in the industry. Some of our key products include the:

Home Care Diagnostics – this is a 360-degree review of a home care business that provides leaders the necessary guidance to improve their operations to achieve their strategic goals.

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Value-Based Readiness Assessment – a 360-degree approach and examines all the areas of care delivery and support.  We put our  Customer Universe and Talent Universe models at the center of the assessment—identifying all primary touchpoints, interactions, and feedback of customers and employees with an agency.

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Private-Pay Readiness Assessment  – Allow an agency to understand the key elements necessary to set up and differentiate their private-pay business.  The tool assesses the gaps that exist and provides the steps an agency can take to deploy private-pay services effectively.

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Social Media Services – Our team will complete a social media audit for your business and also, we offer training to any agency that needs help with building institutional knowledge for managing social media

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