Anchor Group launches its AttestNow software to assist New York Employers with the claim of the Health Care Worker Bonus

New AttestNow automates the employee eligibility screening and attestation processes and maintains records of all bonuses claimed and paid, making compliance easy.
New York, NYC – September 3, 2022 – Anchor Group NA Corp, a boutique New York-Based strategic consulting firm, an emerging provider of software solutions for the healthcare industry, announces today the launch of AttestNow, an all-in-one attestation, and compliance software developed in response to the NYS Health Care Worker Bonus (HWB) Program—an initiative to promote the recruitment and retention of health care workforce—where qualified health care workers can earn up to $3,000 bonus. An easy-to-use SaaS solution, AttestNow helps companies manage employee information, process eligibility, automate outreach campaigns for attestations, facilitate e-signing, and track claims and payments in real-time, saving time and focusing valuable resources on patient care.

Anchor Group’s AttestNow is the perfect solution for healthcare organizations, including hospitals, health clinics, urgent care facilities, and long-term care facilities and service organizations. From time to time, these companies must confirm, authenticate, or obtain certifications from customers, employees, community partners, and other stakeholders for compliance or support. Many of these organizations are still using manual and time-wasting processes, often resulting in distraction from critical tasks, duplication of efforts, compromising of accuracy, and mental fatigue. Kevin Howell, CEO of the Anchor Group, stated that “The process does not have to be onerous. Our simple, powerful, and highly configurable AttestNow software makes your compliance and attestation processes pain-free and seamless, putting you ahead of the compliance requirements.”

In these times, the health care sector is facing a great exodus of professionals—some want a different career path, others are burnt out, and others are simply scared. Whatever the reason, this HWB is one way for health care employers to show appreciation to their frontline health staff by timely claiming the HWB; making employees matter is a win-win proposition.

About Anchor Group

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The Anchor HealthXchange division provides productivity tools and strategic guidance to healthcare companies—specifically the community and the long-term healthcare industry. As legislation changes, we provide tools to assist healthcare companies in operating more efficiently considering these changes and limitations while aligning with the shift to a value-based care model.