The First Public Health Surveillance Workshop in the Caribbean Kicks Off

The Ministry of Health and Wellness in partnership with the Anchor Group and the Caribbean Community Climate Change on Wednesday, September 13, 2022, kicked off the first public health surveillance system workshop in the Bahamas.

The aim of the workshop is to

“engage healthcare providers and the public in undertaking how climate related events affect the health system. The climate change project will help stakeholders to share their experiences using surveillance data and to develop strategies that will improve health intelligence for public health action,” Dr. Kaled Phillip.

Anchor Group in the past year worked with the Bahamas government on modernizing and improving the Judiciary’s Integrated Case Management System to mitigate justice for its citizens while training 200 judiciary members. It is a thrilling development to work with the government of the Bahamas on another historic event.

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Speaking at the event, the CEO of Anchor Group, Kevin Howell, MBA, stated that

“the Anchor Group is delighted to be selected as the executor of this transformative system. With our experienced team, we will be piloting this project which is set to roll out by the end of the year.”

In these times of global health uncertainties, data from health surveillance systems is critical in making timely and informed health decisions and actions that will protect public health. The public health surveillance system involves the continuous, systematic gathering, analysis, and evaluation of data highly connected with their timely distribution to those in charge of preventing and managing disease and injuries. Stakeholders are encouraged to engage in this critical transformative system that promises great enhancement of the healthcare system and the healthcare organizations.