Today, Value-Based Program (VBP) is one of the most frequently used phrases.  But how many companies know what it means and how to execute it?

Before now, health care professionals and organizations were paid for the number of services, which were often not tied to positive outcomes for patients. However, the future of health care is unraveling, where providers are expected to offer culturally sensitive, patient-centered, and at the right time and place for each client.

Several managed long-term care insurance companies like Healthfirst’s-HQIP and  VNSNY-QIP have built incentives for VBP to enable their vendors to assist them in meeting the States’ states mandates to increase the quality of care translated into achieving these metrics:

  • Reduce Hospitalization
  • Increase Medication Adherence
  • Improve Client Satisfaction
  • Engage Client in their Care

Our value-based assessment takes a 360-degree approach and examines all the areas of care delivery and support.  We link our Customer Universe, and Talent Universe approaches and identify all primary touchpoints, interactions, and feedback of customers and employees.  Besides, assessment highlights the level of the organizations’ readiness– infrastructure and technology, that will expand a company’s ability to build a VBP culture.

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