3 Best Practices for Attracting Top Talent 


How do you make sure your company obtains the greatest outcomes from your recruitment strategy in this post-COVID era, considering the highly competitive job market? Business leaders know top talent is at the center of their business functioning and service delivery; they cannot afford not to have the right talents on the front line charging their cause. To be ahead of the competition, it is rewarding to be up to date with the optimized recruitment processes and best tools and technologies. 

In this article, we share three experts’ best practices for gaining top talent for your business. Let’s explore them. 

  1. Optimized recruitment process 
  1. Leveraging assessments 
  1. Data-enabled process and other HR technology 

Optimized recruitment process 

To be a step ahead of your competition, you must put in place a current and optimized recruitment process. Business can no longer be done as usual; you know this and that’s why you’re reading this article right now. Recruitment is marketing—as such is important to answer critical questions—how strong is your brand, and how well is it represented? Are you communicating the roles clearly, and is your organization reflective of one that an employee would be happy to join?  

In the same way that a company would anticipate evaluating what a prospective hire has to offer, job applicants of these times are also evaluating what the company and the position can offer them. Develop and improve your business with a talent-focused approach. Adapt your hiring process with your talent’s needs in mind.  

Every branded information should be uniform and focused on prospective candidates. Design a process that utilizes social media for engagement and marketing. Your recruitment process should not be lengthy; otherwise, applicants may lose interest. 

Adopt a modern video screening process and automated CV screening. Put in perspective key qualifying factors such as skills, personality, experience, culture fit, and others at the forefront of the hiring process.   

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Leveraging Assessments 

Assessments may not directly tell you whom to hire but give you the data you need to make an informed decision on the type of candidate that suits your requirements. Assessment tests are created specifically to evaluate a candidate’s talents and acquire important data regarding their personality, competencies, and skills. Most times, these tests assist in determining a candidate’s likelihood of performing well on the job. Utilize assessment tools to gauge the success and efficiency of your hiring process. 

Assessments help you streamline your hiring process, and this saves cost. Clearly, businesses that invest in an organized hiring process are more likely to find success in getting the best talent, and thoroughly verified assessment tools serve as a huge help in expediting the process. 

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Data-enabled process and other HR Technology 

Finding, developing, and expanding people that demonstrate both the necessary abilities and company culture fit is the bedrock of organizational effectiveness. The success or failure of your corporate talent will eventually be determined by tracking, which is the initial component of data collection. Critical tracking data is based on the layout of each advanced talent acquisition step. To build and improve processes, it is fundamentally important to consider the interval between each step and activity executed.  

Connect your tracking system with your social media accounts. Use HR technologies such as ATS and CRM to automate repetitive tasks/processes. Analyze your most productive hiring methods and best performers and apply the information you learn to improve your hiring procedures. With the data you have, you can focus your efforts and procedures on the proven techniques and talents that have been demonstrated to be the most successful. 


As a business leader or HR manager, be flexible and open to investing in your recruitment process. Stay up to date with trends and tools, invest in recruitment managers, and optimize your processes for the best results. Another bonus takeaway is that, in finding the top talents, don’t be afraid to reach out to passive candidates. 

We hope you find this valuable. Share in the comments what best practices resonates with you most and where you are in your recruitment process. 

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