How to Maximize Employee Surveys with 3 Simple Strategies 

We all enjoy conducting surveys, whether for personal reasons or as part of our work. Not only are they enjoyable, but they also give us important information about our emotional and physical well-being. This idea of gathering valuable data through surveys is also applicable in the workplace! Consider employee engagement surveys. These are excellent approaches to determining employee satisfaction levels inside your organization and ensuring that you’re treating your personnel (and your business) fairly.  

What is an employee survey? 

An employee survey is a tool used by organizations to collect feedback from employees about various aspects of their job and workplace. The survey can cover a wide range of topics, from job satisfaction and engagement to company culture and leadership. Employee surveys can be conducted online, via paper surveys, or even in person. The results of the survey can help organizations identify areas where they need to make improvements in order to create a more positive work environment for employees.  

Reasons you should conduct an employee survey 

Here are a few reasons why you should conduct an employee survey. 

  • Helps you discover and measure the engagement level of your workers. Measures employee satisfaction. 
  • Helps you know the key drivers of employee satisfaction 
  • It helps you uncover the skill and knowledge gaps of your employees and areas they need improvement. 
  • Gives you an insight as to what to improve 
  • Gives employees a chance to be heard and involved thereby establishing a two-way communication 
  • Boost employee engagement 
  • By performing employee engagement surveys, you can measure the data for a point-by-point comparison. To understand how your firm performs in comparison to other companies of a similar size, you can look at individual outcomes and compare them with industry-specific data. By using benchmarking, you may also determine whether a problem is unique to your business or affects the entire sector. 
  • Gives you an insight into your workers’ behaviour and helps you predict their chances of turnover in the future 

How to maximize employee surveys with three simple strategies that work 

In order to maximize employee survey participation, employers should consider using a few simple strategies. Here are 3 simple employee survey strategies we believe will give you an optimum result. 

The survey should be Easy and Clear: 

It is vital to make the survey process as easy and convenient as possible for employees by providing clear instructions and a dedicated survey platform. Questions should be comprehensible, short and give room for honest responses. 

Incentivize the process: 

Incentivize employees to participate by offering rewards for completing the survey. Little rewards like buying everyone lunch for completing the survey may encourage them to go on with the exercise. You are at liberty to try any incentive you want. 

Make it anonymous 

Encourage employees to provide honest feedback by ensuring that the survey is confidential and anonymous. Most times, employees are not comfortable sharing their honest feedback in a face-to-face scenario. That’s why an online survey is mostly encouraged. Or use a third-party company to carry out an in-person survey without their identities linked to the results. Ensure you use a method and platform that aligns with employees’ flow of work and what they are most comfortable with. 

What to do after the survey 

Act! Follow up and put your findings into actionable steps. Implementing these responses encourages your employees to share more feedback when another opportunity comes. It helps them know their opinion counts and it also shows you listen and are ready to drive change in areas needed. 

In Summary 

Clarity, anonymity, and leveraging incentives are some of the strategies you can use in deploying employee surveys. By taking these steps, employers can ensure that they get the most out of their employee surveys. Most importantly, it helps you prepare your workforce for the future. 

Let’s hear from you. What are some of the strategies you use and which of the strategies mentioned in this post resonate with you most? 

If you are planning on conducting an employee survey soon but don’t know how to go about it, get in touch with us right here and we’re happy to help! Download our Employee Survey Guide here 

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